HOME BLOG Info 【Important】Notice of event cancellation – TAIWAN(Mar. 2020)※台湾大会中止のお知らせ

【Important】Notice of event cancellation – TAIWAN(Mar. 2020)※台湾大会中止のお知らせ

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この度、AJPC ASIAN CIRCUITは、3月18日から22日に予定しておりました台湾でのイベントを中止することを決定いたしました。


今後、AJPC ASIAN CIRCUITとしましては、イベントを楽しみにして頂ける皆様に、一日でも早くより良いイベントを安全に開催できるよう、努めてまいりますので、引き続き、AJPC ASIAN CIRCUITを何卒宜しくお願い致します。


Unfortunately, we decided to have to cancel the event in Taiwan which planned from March 18th to 22nd in Taiwan.

It was really hard to decide to cancel the event but we can’t have any events in this situation that everybody is getting nervous about Corona Virus with our players.

We deeply apologize to the players who already booked hotels, air tickets but we hope everybody to understand our responsibilities about events and safety for our players.

We will try our best to do AJPC ASIAN CIRCUIT safety as soon as possible for all our players.Let’s all hope that this problem will be resolved as soon as possible.

Thank you very much.

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